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Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival in Inle
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Place : Inle Lake in Shan state

Time : 21st September - 8th October 2017(Recommended to recheck the final occasion time with us.)

Duration : 18 Days

phaung-daw-oo-01Description : The PHAUNG DAW OO Festival is the biggest and most important occasion in the SHAN State. The PHAUNG DAW OO Pagoda, one of the holiest sites of the SHAN State, houses five statues. Three of the statues are allegedly Buddha images and the other two Buddha disciples. All five have lost any recognizable shape after being encrusted with accumulated gold leaf over the centuries. But their fame and holiness is undisputed and pilgrims rub red strips of cloth over the Statues and tie the cloth to their bikes, cars and trucks to ward off evil spirits. During the 18-day festival period, four of the five images are carried around the lake by ceremonial barge to bless the village monasteries. The barge is pushed forward by the unique leg-rowers of the INLE Lake. phaung-daw-oo-02The fifth Buddha image stays to guard the monastery. Legend has it that when the five were paraded around the lake, the barge suddenly capsized, only four statues were recovered but the fifth mysteriously reappeared at the pagoda draped in lake reeds and has remained there since. It’s a magnificent sight; hundreds of boats follow the slow procession around the lake and thousands of people flock to the lakeshores to celebrate the occasion. The atmosphere is carnival type. The annual boat races also take place at this time, which adds further excitement and entertainment to the occasion.

How to get there : Flying from YANGON/BAGAN/MANDALAY to HEHO airport and 1 hour drive to NYAUNG SHWE and take the boat to INLE Lake.

Accommodation : widely available and choose your favorite in Hotels Page.

Program : One or two days of this occasion program should be combined with your choice of tour including Inle Region.

Schedule of Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival 2017 (21st September - 8th October 2017)

Date  Day  Departure from Monastery  Haunt of Monastery
21.9.17 1 Phung Daw Oo Monastery 4:00 AM Opening Ceremony
( on Karaweik Phaung )
  1 Phung Daw Oo Monastery 7:00 AM Indein Kyay Paw Khom Mon; Night stop
22.9.17 2 Kyay Paw Khom Monastery 8:30 AM Indein Sa Monastery Offer Lunch
  2 Indein Monastery 2:30 Noon Heyar Village Monastery Night stop
23.9.17 3 Heyar Saing Monastery   Heyar Village Monastery Night stop
24.9.17 4 Heyar Village Monastery 7:00 AM Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery Night stop
25.9.17 5 Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery 7:00 AM Kyay Sar Monastery Night stop
26.9.17 6 Kyay Sar Monastery 7:00 AM Poe Sar Gone Monastery Offer Lunch
  6 Poe Sar Gone Monastery 1:00 Noon lim Kin Monastery Night stop
27.9.17 7 lim Kin Monastery 7:00 AM Nyaung Shwe Monastery Night stop
28.9.17 8 Nyaung Shwe (Saing)   Nyaung Shwe Monastery Night stop
29.9.17 9 Nyung Shwe (Saing)   Nyaung Shwe Monastery Night stop
30.9.17 10 Nyung Shwe Monastery 7:00 AM Nanthe Monastery Offer Lunch
  10 Nanthe Monastery 1:00 Noon MineThauk Monastery Night stop
1.10.17 11 MineThauk Monastery 7:00 AM Thale U Monastery Night stop
2.10.17 12 Thale U Monastery 7:00 AM Kay lar Monastery Offer Lunch
  12 Kaylar Monastery 2:30 Noon Sa Yar Kyi Monastery Night stop
3.10.17 13 Sa Yar Kyi Monastery 7:00 AM Alodaw Pauk Monastery Offer Lunch
  13 Alodaw Pauk Monastery 2:30 Noon Nan Pan Monastery Night stop
4.10.17 14 Nan Pan Monastery 7:00 AM Ma Gyi Zeak Monastery Offer Lunch
  14 Ma Gyi Zeak Monastery 2:00 Noon Chaing Kham Monastery Night stop
5.10.17 15 Chaing Kham Monastery 7:00 AM Maing Pyoe Monastery Night stop
6.10.17 16 Maing Pyoe Monastery 7:00 AM Nyan Thaw Monastery Night stop
7.10.17 17 Nyan Thaw Monastery 7:00 AM Inn Paw Gone Monastery Offer Lunch
  17 Inn Paw Gone Monastery 2:30 Noon Ye Thar Monastery Night stop
8.10.17 18 Ye Thar Monastery 8:00 AM  **PhaungDawOo Monastery - Boat Race

** Boat Race

Remarks : Estimate with Myanmar calendar

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