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Yangon & Environs
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Naypyidaw, or Abode of Kings, was founded in 2006 as a Myanmar’s new capital. It is also known as administrative capital. Naypyidaw has new apartments with reliable utilities.


Yangon (Rangoon)

Yangon is the business capital and the gateway to Myanmar by air and sea, adorned with idyllic lakes, shady parks and green tropical vegetation. It was founded by King Alaungpaya on the site of a small settlement called Dagon when he conquered lower Myanmar in 1755. The name of Yangon means "End of Strife". Later, the Yangon City was modeled and implemented by Lieutenant Fraser of the British engineering corps, who had also drawn the city plan of Singapore.The Shwedagone Pagoda is the most prominent landmark visible from miles around and one of the wonders of world.

Other places of interest are: Chauk Htat Gyi reclining Buddha, Sule Pagoda and The colonial buildings in the city center, Bogyok (Scott) Market, The Nagional Museum and Kaba Aye (World Peace) is the significant for the Sixth World Buddhist Synod which was held in its large compound in 1954.



Thanlyin was a major port and previously known as Syriam, which was and important commercial centre at the age of the Portuguese adventurer De Brito. It is an interesting excursion across 1.2 mile long bridge to Thanlyin. Thanlyin is famous for the large golden Kyaik Kauk Pagoda rising on a hillock to the right road. There are the ruins Catholic Church built by an Italian Braoabite Missionary in 18th century and the tombs of two famous Myanmar poets Nat Shin Naung and Thayaza near Kyaik Kauk pagoda.

Thanlyin-Yele-Paya (an island Pagoda) is one of the holly places. It is attractive for crossing the river by boat (Sampan) in a short time. Feeding the river catfishes can be enjoyed for all.



Twante is located at the opposite of Twante Cannel, 24 km far from Yangon. A boat cruise to Twante takes about two hours and noted for its pottery and cotton weaving industries. It is also an opportunity to see the way of life along canal.



Located only 80 km from Yangon, Bago was an ancient capital of Mon Kingdom in 15th century. Shwe-tha-lyaung Reclining Buddha (55 meters long), Shwe-maw-daw Pagoda, Kalyani Sima (Ordination Hall, 28 meters high huge Buddha Image of Kyaikpun Pagoda and the Palace of King Bayinnaung are some of the places of interest.


Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock)

A 160-kilometre drive from Yangon, and an invigorating 12-kilometre trek uphill along a meandering trail from the base camp at Kin-pun ... an overwhelming sight will meet your eye - a golden boulder, shaped like a hermit’s head and capped with a 6-metre high gilded pagoda perched precariously on the edge of a precipice, 1121 meters above sea level - the holy rock of Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar’s most popular pilgrimage centre. Legend has it that the Buddha’s sacred hair is enshrined in this rock.



It is the capital of Mon State with monumental hills, wonderful caves and lakes, 5 hours drive from the base of Kyaikhtiyo & 10 hours from Yangon. Situated at the foot of Zwekabin Hill, which has a very unusual shape, once seen, is not easily forgotten. The travelers can go on hiking among Great Dawna Mountain Ranges. River trips can be arranged along Thanlwin River.

As Hpa-an doesn’t have suitable accommodation except simple guesthouses.



Mawlamyine is the capital city of Mon state, lies on the mouth of Thanlwin River. It was colonial city port for teak export. Many old colonial building still remain along the quiet streets. A beautiful river trip from Pa-an and to Bi-Lu Island can be done. There are many ancient Pagodas on the slopes of hill range in the city. One of the main interesting place is Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery where Allied prisoners of World War 11's died while building the infamous Death Railway line that cross into Thailand from the Bridge on river Kway. The Caves of Kawgoon and Payon, famous for its countless Buddha images, stalagmites and stalactites are near the city.



Located 285 km north-west of Yangon, PYAY is easily accessible by road or rail and a gateway city to Rakhine State, across the Ayeyawaddy River. It is a major trading zone where all the products from Rakhine State and middle part of the country trade in and exchange with those come from the lower part of the country. It is also an ancient capital of PYU Kingdom which flourished between 5th to 9th century known as Sri Kshetra.

The ruins of Sri Kshetra are located about 5 miles (8 km) east of modern PYAY and are a point of interest because of the ancient city’s historical importance and enduring archaeological sites. Famous sites today are the Shwesandaw Pagoda, the landmark of Pyay, it was built by king Dotdabaung in 589 BC, Sehtetgyi Pagoda, which houses a gigantic sitting Buddha image, Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda, the oldest Buddhist monument in Myanmar, Be Be Gyi Pagoda, Payama Pagoda, Rahanta Cave Pagoda, the Lay Myet Hna monument and the Royal cemetery. Other places include Ahkauktaung, Buddha cliff carvings, set on the Irrawaddy River, Shwe Myatman Stupa, Shwe Nat Taung Pagoda, Shwe Bonthar Muni, and the Hmawza (Sri Kshetra) Museum.

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