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Inle & Environs
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Inle Lake

Mesmerizing visitors with its picture-perfect sights, the Inle Lake, 900 meters above sea level, is a refreshing change to the historical attractions of Pagan and Mandalay. The lake, 22 km long and 10 km across, has a population of some 150,000, many of whom live on floating islands of vegetation. Inle Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg-rowing of the Inthas, the native lake dwellers.

Sagar : is the famous day return extension place from Inle. It was formerly located on the hills, but after the construction of the water supply, the village was moved and the temples are remained there.
There are hundreds of Buddha Images in sitting, standing & reclining positions, which are supposed to be over seven hundreds years old. When we take the boat excursion towards Sagar, the landscapes on the way make emotions and delights to be there. It can be done day return trip by boat from Inle Lake, which will take approximately three hours. There is a monastery nearby where we can have a picnic lunch with typical foods.



It is three hours drive from Nyaungshwe & two hours drive from Taunggyi-the capital of Shan State. There are more or less 2000 pagodas, which are supposed to be built over seven hundreds years ago. They all were built in the same compound together and some of them were hidden with bushes and trees. The tranquility and peacefulness provide the site to be visited and above all, the hill tribes living nearby, Pao are additional attraction of the place.



Kalaw is situated 61 km from Inle. Kalaw sits high on the western edge of the Shan Plateau and was a popular hill station in the British times. It is still a peaceful and quiet place with an atmosphere remnants of colonial era. Kalaw is 1320 m above sea level with a pleasantly cool weather and is a good place for hiking amid gnarled pines, bamboo groves and rugged mountains scenery. There are good accommodations in Kalaw and trekking into the surrounding mountains to take a look at the lifestyle of native hill tribes as Pa-O, Pa Laung and others. Trekking around Kalaw varies from one day to five days into the surrounding hills. There are choices of tourist grade accommodation in Kalaw.



Pindaya is situated at 1164-m above sea level and is 40-km from Kalaw. It is noted for its extensive limestone caves and Shwe U Min Paya (Pindaya Cave) which is full of Buddha images of about 8000 and picturesque Boutaloke Lake. Pindaya itself is a centre for the Myanmar speaking Taung-yo people. Local handicrafts include Shan paper and parasols made from mulberry bark. There are choices of tourist grade accommodation in Pindaya.



Situated in the northern Shan plateau and is the Capital city of Shan State. The City is on the mountaintop at the height of 3625 meter above sea level. Once known as the Administrative City of British Colonial rule in Shan State.

The local market is well known throughout Myanmar and the road south will lead you to the unique Kakku sight of 2000 stupas in Pa-O country. The Fire Balloon Festival held annually at the full moon of Tazaungmon in November is not to be missed.



Located at the north of Inle Lake, there are various options to visit tribal villages in the area around Loikaw, including Hta Nee La Leh, a simple farming village with tradtional Kayah totem poles and a Kaetoebu village hall, where the village shaman makes predictions. There are also some picturesque lakes to the south of the village.

Higher into the hills is the Kayan village of Pan Pet, which offers opportunities for scenic hikes and chances to meet the local villagers - including the long-neck women.

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